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Laser Hair


Laser trial $880

for female only

Brazilian or Hollywood (all off)

The Candela Gentlelase uses an Alexandrite laser operating at 755nm wavelength developed to provide optimum safety and results by:

  • More effective melanin absorption, as compared to other similar machines including diode lasers.  The absorption of the laser energy by the melanin in our skin creates a better transfer if energy and more effective destruction of the hair follicles and consequential hair loss;

  • The Candela Gentlelase Alexandrite laser is more effective at removing finer, thinner hairs that other systems such as diode lasers cannot remove or require more and longer treatments to remove;

  • The Candela Gentlelase laser incorporates a skin cooling system for pain relief that effectively manages the short sharp pain that some people feel, most clients do not need further pain relief and if required a gel applied to the skin is effective and sufficient additional laser treatment; and

  • Candela’s DCD (Dynamic Cooling Device) cryogen spray is the premium cooling system on any laser today. This guarantees more comfortable laser treatment.

  • The Candela Gentlelase is also designed and built for operator comfort to increase fine control and consequently improve application and provide safer more effective laser treatment.

We would provide the free consultation to  check if you are suitable for the treatment, book now 

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