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Is Waxing/ Sugaring painful?


Pain thresholds vary from person to person due to several factors, including genetics, hair thickness, hair quantity, frequency of visits, personal pain tolerance, and your therapist’s technique.

If you have sensitive skin, are menstruating, pregnant or have a low pain tolerance, then you might find Waxing or Sugaring to be uncomfortable on the first go. As long as you have regular Waxing/ Sugaring treatments, the experience will get better with time as hair regrowth slows and hairs become softer and finer.

suitable for sensitive, eczema skin

100% all natural organic ingredients🍯

100% peace of mind for pregnant women

Made only from glucose and water, zero stimulation

What is Sugaring?

The ingredients are natural and can even be eaten. The nature is mild. The low temperature can be used for treatment without burdening the skin. The syrup has healing and nourishing effects. It removes dead skin and repairs at the same time, leaving the skin soft and smooth, and the effect is instantly visible.

What is the difference of Sugaring/ Waxing?

Sugaring is removes hairs and dead skin at the same time, leaving the skin soft and smooth, there as waxing only removes hair. Sugaring is gentle and 100% natural it is best suitable for sensitive skin. 

The sugaring paste that you use to remove hair is only warm when you apply it to your skin and hair. In comparison, wax is applied hot and removed when it slightly cools. Sugaring paste is an easier and more comfortable way to remove hair because it can be used at a lower heat so you’ll never burn yourself.

What is Smoothing Treatment?

Does Waxing or Sugaring last longer?

Our Smoothing Treatment includes Brazilian or Hollywood (all off) wax, deep cleanse, exfoliation and cooling mask.

Every person is different, it depends on how fast your hair grows back in, but for many people, both waxing and sugaring can last around 2 weeks before new hairs grow. 

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