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Ten Science Dual Use Cleansing Cream & Mask 250ml


 A rich and satisfying 2 in 1 formula: cleanser and mask.  Perfect for all skin types, ideal for anyone showing the first signs of irregular pigmentation or dull skin complexion Free from fragrance and colorings. 


• As a Cleanser: unfolds a delicate yet deep cleansing of the skin, perfectly preparing it for the application of other daily use products.

 • As a Mask: nourishes the skin, helping to re-set the hydro-lipidic mantle. 



• Flower AHA Acids  • Sea Age-Protein • Tea Oil (Camellia Sinensis) • Shea Butter • Vitamins A+C+E • Ellagic Acid • Phytic Acid • Glycolic Acid 



Cleanser: after having removed makeup from your eyes, apply onto
the face, neck and décolletage and massage for a couple of minutes, then remove with
warm water.
Mask: once or twice a week, apply an even layer onto the face, neck and
décolletage. Leave to work for 10-15 minutes then remove with lukewarm water.



Avoid contact with the eyes. Sunburn warning: this product contains an alpha-hydroxy
acid, which can increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun, and in particular the risk of sunburn. Protect your skin with an adequate sunscreen, wear clothing to protect yourself and limit sun exposure during the period that you are undergoing the Age Lumina treatments, and for at least a week afterwards.


Ten Science Dual Use Cleansing Cream & Mask 250ml

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